Natural Laxative


Evalar Natural Laxative is manufactured in the form of sweet tasty fruit tablets. They have a pleasant taste and flavor that makes them attractive for both adults and children. Apricots contain a complex of vitamins, microelements, dietary fibers (cellulose) which have a bracing and laxative effect. Apricots are rich in potassium preventing its losses combined with relaxed bowels. Senna (Alexandrine senna) is used as a laxative agent for intestinal atony and frequent constipation. Its activity is caused by anthraglycosides of the planet that stimulate receptors of mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract after being decomposited. Plantain has spasmolytic, laxative, anti-inflammative activities. Fennal has spasmolytic, laxative, anti-inflammative activities. Fennel has spasmolytic and carminative activities, increases secretion of the digestive glands.

- Helps Maintain Regularity*

- Pleasant Taste & Aroma*

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Available Soon!

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